Small Format VidPlat optimizes your rich media content for retina displays on iPhone and iPod Touch to keep your users coming back time and time again.

Large format

Tadalafil Oral Strips Buy 20 MG Takes full advantage of Apple’s large retina displays on iPad and iPad Mini to reinforce your content allowing you to engage with users like never before. Plus, use Apple TV or HDMI connect to most flat screen television, projectors and more.

Monetize Your Application Generating revenue on mobile has never been easier with over 2 Billion mobile devices on the planet you are sure to connect with your target audience. With VidPlat your mobile applications can generate rev-share income using our smart on-demand ad campaigns, link to your content on the web and more.

Go Live Broadcast live! With one of our live-streaming video partners you can communicate with users instantly from around the world to get your message heard from your mobile device, webcam, and more. Create a video from within the app with our Video upload option and more.

Video Content

iq option demo binary Place your video content into your app in seconds, we support over 13 video providers including YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and more! Or securely place your content on our VidCloud CDN service. When you need fast, streaming access to your content this is the place.


Push Notifications

Deeply engage with users like never before with Push messaging. Create a full campaign or just shoot out an update, with VidPlat you stay top of mind with product updates, calls to action, promos and more. When they click on your message, it will take them right into your application. Also, displays a badge on your brand’s icon to alert the user that you have added content. For example, send reminders for streaming video meetings, that you’ve added new product videos, sales items and much more.

Performance with Analytics

Today’s mobile users look for content when they need it.  With our powerful analytics, you can keep track of what your viewers want. Monitor user interaction in real-time and make the necessary changes instantly through your VidPlat CMS dashboard. Our cutting edging technology allows you to instantly update your mobile application.

Your Content, Your Control

From your VidPlat CMS dashboard your in control of all the content on your iPad/iPhone applications to ensure you keep your viewers focused on your branding and message. Add our Web API and create a cross platform experience.

Multi Media Supported

Utilize fully responsive PDF static files, MP3 sound files, JPEGs and more. Brochures, manuals, technical specs and photos easily insert into your app to keep your content fresh and engaging.


Use AppleTV or HDMI to connect to presentation systems, televisions and more to bring your content to the big screen.

Check out these VidPlat Apps

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See how our platform integrates into their company’s mission.
  • We found Shane and his team to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the web API and mobile space, which is why we chose to build the first mobile Country Music Television Station using VidPlat. Thanks again to the VidPlat team!

  • VidPlat and Shane Wooten's team offered an amazingly sharp, interactive, and superior multiple video platform! I was able to leverage VidPlat to get my web and mobile platforms up and running fast! Thanks Shane and VidPlat.

  • Shane's knowledge and creative ideas impressed me from day 1. As a start up with a very original concept I did not think it would be practical to have an app. Now, Valuebox USA App looks absolutely Amazing! Thank you Shane and VidPlat.

  • Thanks so much to Shane and his team for making us such a custom beautiful mobile app that looks great on iPad and iPhone. And, the push messaging and live video upload let's us engage with our fans like never before.

  • VidPlat as an excellent resource for businesses and organizations to utilize in the creation of their own mobile applications. My individual experience with VidPlat, and its Founder Shane Wooten, has been consistently outstanding and the level of customer service.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that is right for your company's needs and bandwidth. You can always upgrade with VidPlat we scale with you as you grow.



$99 a month

  • Web API
  • iPad/iPhone
  • 2GB Cloud Storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Push Messaging *$50
  • Social Sharing



$499 a month

  • Web API
  • iPad/iPhone
  • 4GB Cloud Storage
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Video Upload (optional)
  • Push Messaging *$50
  • Social Sharing

Pricing FAQ

Do you offer different levels of Set-up?

Yes, we have 2 levels of set-up both include your submission to the Apple App Store and Social Integration. Please contact sales for more information?

What are my payment plan options?

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual payment options for each of our plans.

Do you integrate with Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, we fully integrate with Facebook and Twitter, which we will gladly connect to your application during the setup process.

Is your Platform iOS Native or HTML5?

Our platform produces truly Native iOS Universal applications using the newest iOS8 technology giving you the true power of Apple’s capabilities across Apple’s mobile devices.